Respite care and its importance

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Respite care and its importance It is a short-term stay which is nearly about one to two weeks, in a care home. The breaks in the respite can be planned or unplanned as it depends upon the situation. In most of the situations a respite break is planned only to give a carer a holiday … Read More

When you need carer ?

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If some person starts to develop dementia the deterioration in his function can be gradual. At various times the mishaps, memory lapses and near-misses can be the cause because of natural and normal effects of ageing but at the same time there can come a situation when it is no longer safe to live alone. … Read More

How To Choose Care

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Are you worried about your aging or ailing parents or grandparents care and it is hard for you to spare an extra time to spend at home taking care of them, we understand obviously it is not possible for you to be along with them round the clock, especially when leading busy working lives. Finding … Read More