At Clements Healthcare, we provide the best quality care service to suit your best needs. We are an independent provider of professional and affordable live in care. Our Healthcare Assistants are there to make sure that our clients acquired needs are catered for.

Dianne is 75 years old and lives on her own in Sutton Coldfield. Dianne had been getting some help from her family, but she is partially sighted and had been diagnosed with early stage dementia. Her family had become concerned about her high levels of confusion; they weren’t sure whether she was going to be safe living alone but knew that she’d enjoy a better quality of life if she remained in the home she loved. So they decided that the best option was to provide Dianne with live in care. At Clements Healthcare, we understood Dianne’s reticence; it’s natural to want to remain as independent as possible. Our Care Consultant discussed the type of care that Dianne would require, at which we then assigned a carer with a background experience of looking after people with dementia, to assist with personal care, toileting, mobility and general cooking and housekeeping duties. Once Dianne and our carer Emily had built up trust, Emily’s stay was extended for several weeks. An   essential part of Dianne’s acceptance of the new living arrangements was the way Emily had gently encouraged Dianne to take up various activities that she had once previously enjoyed. The family was overwhelmed with the friendship and the encouragement their mother had received in continuing to do the things she loved.

Our social companionship service at Clements is most matched to individuals who will benefit from having the encouragement that someone is there with them to offer support when it is required. It also provides peace of mind for family members who are unable to regularly visit, as they know their loved one is being cared for.

Debra is 73 years old and lives in Dudley with her husband John, 70. John has a respiratory illness and uses oxygen most of the day and throughout the night. Debra is John’s full time carer. Debra had become expressively exhausted, struggling to find time to do the weekly shopping as well as housework, whilst trying to care for her husband. Debra decided that she would benefit from additional support; someone who could help around the house and build up a relationship with Debra to give her the comfort and companionship that she needs. Clements Healthcare helped Debra by providing her with some respite and helping her to maintain her independence. Our Carers had supported Debra with household domestics, ensuring John was cared for when she went shopping and was there as a companion. This meant Debra was able to relax whilst John rested. This gave Debra the peace of mind that there was always a help at hand there should she need it.