What is a personal budget?

A personal budget is a fund allocated to a service user after an assessment by their local council which should be enough to fulfil their assessed needs. Users can take it as a direct payment and can choose how their care needs are meet and by whom. Or leave this responsibility to the councils to commission the services. Or they can select the combination of both options.

The money for the personal budget is decided by the council after an assessment which includes:

  • What kind of care this person required?
  • How much money will it cost?
  • How much you’re able to afford by yourself?

A person can apply for an assessment that is over 18 years old.

What are the direct payments?

Direct payments are the cash given to the user by the council after assessment. It can be full or partial of personal budgets as per the user’s requirement to full fill his/her needs. Care providers make sure that payments are enough to fulfill all the needs of the user as per assessments, which they have done at the time of new user enrollment.

The benefits of direct payments

Direct payments give you more freedom about how to spend for your needs.

For example, you can choose to hire care providers who:

  • same people and available when you need them
  • speak the same language
  • have experience of your care needs
  • is a specific person you want

It’s all up to you how you choose to spend the money.

How Clements Healthcare can help a direct payment Service User?

Clements healthcare invoice directly to the service user or any person on his/her behalf who is responsible for their care. We tailor the care according to our service user’s budget. We can help a service user in the following ways.

  • Managing budget– Clements healthcare help their service users to manage their budget. So, they can spend money according to their needs. Clements healthcare makes sure all their needs are meet.
  • Decision-making – Clements healthcare help service users to make decisions. how you manage your personal budget
  • Assessment and resource allocation – Clements healthcare assess the user’s needs, or support them to determine their own needs, and help them allocate a budget to meet their needs.
  • Risk management and enablement – We help the users to manage risks and regarding their care and support, and support them to mitigate the risks.
  • Support planning – Clements Healthcare make a support plan with the consultation of the user and their families and provide information regarding the implementation of the support plan.
  • Review – We review users’ needs regularly to ensure that all users’ needs are fully taken care of.

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