Elder Care Companionship Services

We at Clements Health Care provide the companionship services that bring happiness in elderly people lives by improving the lives of elderly people living in their own homes that gives them entertainment, social interaction, and mental stimulation.

You may not need a lot of personal care help, but would sometimes like a companion to support you during various activities: someone you can have conversation and quick chat, discuss things with. Someone who can help arranging appointments, engaging in hobbies like cooking , gardening, or helping to buy or rent your favorite books or movies , visiting family and friends, going out for dinner, or even taking to concerts, plays, and sporting events.


Some of the general companionship activities that our clients enjoy with a companion include

  • Arranging Appointments
  • Going for Movies or Shopping
  • Visiting family or friends
  • Going out for Dinner or plays , concerts , any sporting events
  • Walking the dog
  • Going for a cup of tea in a nearby café
  • Going for a walk in park
  • Visiting a community centre
  • Playing games like cards, chess etc.

Companionship care services are quite essential at keeping feelings of loneliness and isolation away.  According to the study by Age UK 2014, it has reported that over two fifths of all older people say their television is their main company. Our Companionship care services keep the television away; our staff simply takes on the role of a friend, and does what comes naturally to any caring person. Our carers have used a combination of their own cars, adapted vehicles or mini buses, to give you more access into the local community.

This is all about you

It's your choice how much and what kind of companionship support you have, and how often you want it.


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