Supported Living at home

At Clements Health Care, the staff is totally dedicated to provide the supported living at home for people with various care needs and conditions. Our clients don’t have to worry to leave the comfort of their homes to receive the support. The motto here is to help the people live independently where their social, cultural and emotional needs can be met at any time. At the same time, if you have any pets, you can still keep them. The carer here helps the client to feed them and keep active throughout the day. The services are not limited to old people only, its applicable to anyone who needs supported living at home. The service is suitable for individuals with medical conditions, learning disabilities, and more.

What Do You Mean By Supported Living At Home?

Supported living at home is like any other service. It is applicable for each and every person who wants to live in their home and lead an independent and proper life. At Clements Health Care the management usually assign a support team for the people. Our support team brings help in many aspects that are crucial to everyone. It includes the managing bills and finances, getting and maintaining a job, personal care assistance. Apart from it also includes the shopping and encouraging social interaction. Clements Health Care also offers the support on 24/7 basis. The way it works is like that we match our support team to you personally. Team members from our side exchange and come to your house at certain times so that one of the persons from our side can stay awake overnight if you require that type of help.

What is the cost of the Supported Living At Home?

The cost here may vary and depend highly on the needs of the person. We always try here to encourage the young people here with learning disabilities so that they can develop their skills. In the result their self-esteem increases and their confidence increases and also become more independent. We believe that everyone is not same and is having various talents to offer. With the result of which we do the promotion of our client’s emotional and intellectual development. The support team here includes the experienced and highly trained individuals who are passionate about care and wish to bring a positive change in people’s lives.