If you are a highly motivated and organized individual who is in a quest for a challenging and fulfilling career which will enable you to give the best and boost out full potential Clement Health Care would love to hear from you. We are always open for promising candidates who will put in an extra effort to make the task done with flying colours.  We are looking for people with varied skills to join us and add to our success. We want our carers to meet all the requirements of a client in a best possible manner, who strive to go beyond the benefits of the service we provide and are open to introduce some innovations and creativity.

Currently we have openings for Full time/Part time carers/helpers.

Full time carer requires being at a client’s place all the time whereas in part time you will have to work for few assigned hours.

Your job profile demands to take care of the aged or ailing client through all the circumstances with professional and genuine care. The ability to cope under pressure as the patient/client could be finicky at times you need to handle the situation through kind, calm and composed manner.

Regardless of the job role, whether it might be nursing, caring, or housekeeping you are expected to do each task with perfection and dedication as we believe in high quality care. You need to deliver the best possible care.

Clements health care will impart you the full training process for your respective job profile so that even though you are inexperienced in it you come out with 100% results, customer’s satisfaction in the task assigned.

If you feel you can fit in the job profile and can be a part of Clements health care family then we would be privileged to have you with us.

Please Contact Us on 0121 553 5303 or email at info@clementshealthcare.co.uk