If some person starts to develop dementia the deterioration in his function can be gradual. At various times the mishaps, memory lapses and near-misses can be the cause because of natural and normal effects of ageing but at the same time there can come a situation when it is no longer safe to live alone. So its very important to tell when someone you love needs live in care? So the thing is that that they could be unsafe living alone and at the same time they can find it difficult to contemplate. Also the increase in the memory loss and confusion of dementia can give rise to various challenges like cooking, cleaning and caring for themselves. They have feel embarrassment, shame and the drive to maintain independence so they may start ignoring all the problems that they are facing. But at the same time there can e the indications from their side which is important to understand.


To wash the clothes and to dress up and self-care requires a various complex combination of skills. If they are looking scruffy, unclean or wearing inappropriate clothing for the climate which means they are suffering and requires a care.

Tablet troubles

There are lot of medications for the people at the old age and managing them can be real complex for them. so they need the care for the management.

Accident prone

The people suffering from the memory loss and other problems can easily get prone to accidents. So its very important for them that they are supervised by some person every time.